Instruments and All The Extras

Guitar pedals with the following features are available:  tuner, looper, vintage crunch, overdrive, tremolo, tube screamer, delay, chorus, distortion, and more.

Harmonicas & Melodicas

Good Times carries strings for guitar (electric, acoustic, lap steel, resonator, gypsy jazz, flamenco, and classical), electric and acoustic bass, violin, viola, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, and bouzouki.  We also have assorted single strings available.


We carry a wide range of reeds, reed cases, valve oil, rotor oil, slide oil, slide grease, slide cream, mouthpieces, ligatures, cleaning kits for every band instrument, mallets, percussion practice pads (6", 8", 10"), mutes, marching supplies (flip folders, wind clips, lyres), and directors' batons.

Good Times carries a wide selection of accessories, including: various hard shell cases, gig bags, metronomes, capos, tuners, guitar slides, straps (including Perri's Leathers guitar straps), humidifiers and picks. 

We offer the widest selection of adapters and cables in the Copper Country!

Acoustic Guitars

Guitar Pedals

From kids' keyboards, to work stations, to digital pianos with touch-sensitive weighted keys, Good Times can help you find the right set of keys.

Good Times carries amps for acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and ukuleles.  Feel free to come try them out before purchasing!

We stock a wide variety of pickups, including Myers, Fishman, Dean Markley, and GHS, for all types of acoustic instruments. Electric pickups available from EMG, Seymour Duncan, and others.

Come visit our acoustic room and give the guitars a try.  Some of the guitars we offer also include electric pickups.  Used and left-handed guitars occasionally become available as well. 

Sound Systems, Speakers, Mixing Boards


Our acoustic room is also home to banjos, mandolins, banjoleles and a host of ukuleles, including bass, tenor, concert, and soprano ukes.

Good Times Music carries a wide range of musical instruments, sheet music and all sorts of musical equipment.  We do our best to offer quality products for both beginner and expert musicians.  On this page, you'll find a general overview as to what's available in the store.


Visit us to acquire sound systems, speakers, and mixing boards to fit a variety of scenarios and degrees of complexity.  We're happy to work with you to order any variations or additional elements you're looking for.



Electric Guitars

Drum Kits and Supplies

Ukes & Other Acoustic Instruments

Good Times music carries electric guitars at a variety of price points and styles.  We also have cigar box guitars that are handmade in Memphis.

506 Shelden Avenue, Houghton, MI 49931


Acoustic and electric drum kits are available, along with cymbals and a wide selection of sticks.

Good Times Music

Band Equipment

Microphones are available to fit every need from starter to studio and gigging musician quality.  Wireless microphones are also available.

Harmonicas are available from beginner to professional quality in keys A-G.  We also carry the key-harmonicas, more commonly known as melodicas.